Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hi Swags!!

so glad to see you again!
hope you had a great week end :)

i choose these outfit for today because Lately i really like wearing a cap. 
and I am thinking of buying some more caps.
since the weather was very sunny so I think it will be very comfortable to wear t shirts and jeans.

can't wait to hear your comment :) 

I'm wearing
some t shirt (i don't even remember where i bought this tees)
CAP - 347 (some local brand with a lot of awesome stuff)
shoes -Topman

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Sunday, April 28, 2013


hi Swags!!

how's life?? hope everythings good 
just like me, i just found this cool denim jacket from Topman Store
as you know Topman is one of my fave store.
actually I was craving for this Jacket for so long ago .
and when i saw it, I just can't help myself not to buy it 

how do you think?

have a nice day!!!

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I'm wearing Topman denim jacket Topman jeans Adidas Sneakers

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hi Swags!!
Today I'm very excited, because i take a picture wearing my new shirt, 
as you know printed shirt is one of my favourite outfit.

i really love this browns colors mood, 
and offcourse the pattern of this shirt!

I'm wearing 
Brunno brown shirt - Jigle Premium 
suglasses - Zara
Topman Pants 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 Please kindly tell me and send the picture or the link when you spot  "Call me ponyboy "  anywhere. If you have a better quality of the pictures please Email me: contact_ponyboy@yahoo.com

HI swags!!
I'm finally back after all the busyness..
I'm so excited to tell you that callmeponyboy.blogspot.com was featured on Space For Oddity Fanpage
you can check my look HERE
it was nice to see you here again!! 


my lookbook page featured on www.mujjo.com
you can check my look HERE


callmeponyboy.blogspot.com featured on wetrendstyle,com fanpage 
you can check HERE

featured on hiphunters