Tuesday, December 16, 2014


hi guys
finally i can take outdoor picture again..
but still i have to take a picture in the morning before the rain is fallin
today i'm wearing my new strapback from ORIGINALCHUCK 

 it called tisci chuck
you should check their website here

and you will find some starpback, snapback, and some cool bucket hat

and i'm wearing my new glasses,, how do i look?

I'am wearing : black tees (TOPMAN)// strapback (ORIGINALCHUCK)
   shoes (converse) // jeans (leecooper) // backpack  (ouvalrsch)

Friday, December 12, 2014

camo parka jacket

 hi guys
I apologize for being a slacker blogger.. My schedule is very crazy these days, plus the rainy season has just started and its  difficult for me to do some outdoor photoshoot.
but today i'm wearing my new parka jacket fromBLOOPENDORSE
I love the camo pattern on this jacket  
and parka jacket is always perfect to wear on rainy season

 don't forget to visit tjeir website www.bloopendorse.com
follow their instagram @bloopendorse
follow their twitter @bloopendorse

and i just got new ouval research backpack.. it really match with my jacket. 

I'am wearing : parka jacket (bloopendorse) // 
   shoes (redwing) // jeans (leecooper) // backpack  (ouvalrsch)