Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Hi swags?? 
since I saw yezzy collection for the first time, i became a bit obsessed with black, grey, camel, beige and dark green.


I'm wearing my Bershka tees on my short trip To Jakarta to do some business meeting. 
i choose this tees becaus its very simple yet comfortable, and i have to go from place to place, so i have to make  my self comfortable 

 im wearing tees from Bershka Collection

i mixed my bershka tees with bershka denim
i kind a big fans of bershka lately 
they have so many awesome tees, shirt, jacket or denim
with affordable price 
and they always have new items every week

 I stayed at Grand whizz hotel for one night
and this hotel is not really recomended hotel for me,
they don't allow their guest to take picture using camera
and i have to talked to the manager hotel before take all my picture.

finally This is my Adidas NMD shoes.
i bought this shoes at adidas Grand Indonesia
and i had to queue for four hours to buy this shoes.
this shoes is super comfortable and its limited edition for sure.

hope you guys enjoy it!!

pictures by Arianti