Thursday, July 23, 2015


hello swags
how is your holiday??

so many people said that one can never go wrong with black
for me , you can never go wrong with black white and gray.

its always be a perfect combination
and these colors are becoming the latest trend today.

today im wearing bershka tees,
topman cap
and my brand new nike airforce one


I was planning to buy these shoes in Germany , through a website . but fortunately I found these shoes in the mall in Bandung. and without thinking twice I immediately bought it, especially after the shop keeper told me this is the last shoe 

hope you like it
have a nice day!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

hi swag
Its me again..

I really can't wait for the holiday during idul fitri
How about you?
Do you go mudik this year?

I don't celebrate idul fitri but always excited for the moment..

I'm wearing my catfight cap by original chuck

And I'm obsessed with my adidas tubular

I'm wearing catfight cap by original chuck // topman shirt // topman chino pants // adidas tubular shoes

Hope you enjoy it

Have a nice day