Tuesday, December 16, 2014


hi guys
finally i can take outdoor picture again..
but still i have to take a picture in the morning before the rain is fallin
today i'm wearing my new strapback from ORIGINALCHUCK 

 it called tisci chuck
you should check their website here

and you will find some starpback, snapback, and some cool bucket hat

and i'm wearing my new glasses,, how do i look?

I'am wearing : black tees (TOPMAN)// strapback (ORIGINALCHUCK)
   shoes (converse) // jeans (leecooper) // backpack  (ouvalrsch)

Friday, December 12, 2014

camo parka jacket

 hi guys
I apologize for being a slacker blogger.. My schedule is very crazy these days, plus the rainy season has just started and its  difficult for me to do some outdoor photoshoot.
but today i'm wearing my new parka jacket fromBLOOPENDORSE
I love the camo pattern on this jacket  
and parka jacket is always perfect to wear on rainy season

 don't forget to visit tjeir website www.bloopendorse.com
follow their instagram @bloopendorse
follow their twitter @bloopendorse

and i just got new ouval research backpack.. it really match with my jacket. 

I'am wearing : parka jacket (bloopendorse) // 
   shoes (redwing) // jeans (leecooper) // backpack  (ouvalrsch)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


black is always perfect color for me and it always easy to mix with other color.
it can look casual, formal, and yes it perfect for everyone.
this is one of my favourite outfit collaboration with bloopendorse

I'am wearing : shirt (bloopendorse) // cap (bloopendorse)
   shoes (redwing) // jeans (leecooper) // 

don't forget to visit tjeir website www.bloopendorse.com
follow their instagram @bloopendorse
follow their twitter @bloopendorse

hope you like it as much as i do :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So excited, yesterday I just pick up my new jeans from  leecooper indonesia at their store in bandung. They have so many amazing collection such as denim pants, shirt, jacket, and also bag. but when the first time I saw this tees I like this color so much 
 and my jeans is the best!! This skinny denim pants is perfect yet comfortable to wear

Established in 1908 , Lee Cooper is one of the very first denim brand in Europe . Much loved and used all over the world , Lee Cooper has a presence in 85 countries . Known as " the Great British " and also " Original European " , Lee Cooper is a leading name that corresponds to the product of American denim . Since its inception , Lee Cooper has been a leading name in the fashion style of England and Europe for several decades that is always put forward trends, developing innovations and mobilize youth culture

I'am wearing : shirt (leecooper) // 
   shoes (redwing) // jeans (leecooper) // beannie  (topman)

[Website leecooperindo ]  [instagram : @leecooperindo ]  [twitter @leecooperindo]

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fashion is in the blood, not on the label ( labelous.co)

hi swags!!
today i'm wearing labelous.co shirt.
its usually hard for me to find the perfect shirt to wear,
but i find this shirt is really fits on me and perfectly match with my wakai shoes 

and if you are a big fans of shirt just like me
you should check labelous.co to see their collection
and also they have so many printed shirt collections.

I'am wearing : shirt (labelous.co) // 
   shoes (wakai) // sunnies (rayban) // watches (lacoste)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Perfect tees

well hello october!!
I just recieved this cool Tees from ASOS last week.
the first time i saw this pattern on the picture i really excited
and when this tees was arrived i was suprised
because the print is totally perfect and event better than in picture

I'am wearing : Tees (ASOS) // pants  (uncle studio denim) // 
   shoes (adidas) // sunnies (rayban) // watches (nixon)

and I'm back with this comfortable denim pants by uncle studio denim)
go check their instagram and you can order custom pants with a custom size

have a nice weekend

Sunday, September 21, 2014


HI Swag!!
if you realize there is little difference in my outfit .
yes , i'm wearing a backpack.
i love the color of this bag, since it really match with my TOPMAN chino pants

I'am wearing : Tees (bershka) // pants  (topman) // 
  backpack ( three rey) // shoes (nike) // sunnies (zara)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I attended UI fashion week a few weeks ago 
This is a show created by ui in collaboration with Esmod jakart. 
the show was awesome and many interesting designs on the runway

i hope you guys enjoy my post
have anice day 

Thursday, September 4, 2014


  as you know, 
print tees or print shirt is always be my favourite 
especially when the weather is sunny


still in casual mood
and major love for this shoes
i can't resist to keep wearing  this shoes

I'am wearing : Tees (bershka) // pants  (topman) // 
  ipad sleeves ( mujjo ) // shoes (portee goods) //

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

casual for day

the weather is so good lately
and i think it is suitable to wear shorts
this outfit is always been my favourite since forever

I'am wearing : Tees (TOPMAN) // SHORTS  (POSHBOY) // 

i just visited this place few days ago,
and i think this place is comfortable
and people whos living in Bandung, already familiar with this placeand this place called toko coklat

they sell so many delicious chocolate here

                                                    HAVE A NICE TUESDAY EVERYONE!